Best Core Exercises for Core Strength Training Workouts and Fitness

There are hundreds of muscles in the core of the body – the abs (all layers), lower to mid back, upper pelvic region, the obliques and the world famous ‘love handles’ areas are loaded with muscles of all different sizes, shapes, lengths and angles – which require specific core exercises to produce the desired core strength training effect.

What is amazing is, these core muscles are all so close together, some of which are layered – meaning muscle behind muscle. And if all of these core muscles are worked out properly with the right exercise program and workouts – it is not a question of “Will I be able to get a great core?” but a question of “When will I have my great core?”

Unlike 97% of core fitness workouts that are in existence, the best core workout, is designed to provide a training stimulus to every single muscle in the body’s core a with the right exercises.

The upper, middle and lower core – the love handles – the obliques – the lower and mid back areas (avoiding these will not only prevent you from ever getting killer abs, but can lead to serious injury – this happens EVERY DAY to people who try to exercise without proper guidance – & it is one the reasons why physical therapists are so busy!)

The best core workout does not rely on big expensive fitness machines or silly exercise gadgets.

It does rely on the body itself, its natural movement patterns and how the muscles of the body work in relation to gravity. This means the ideal core workout can be done anywhere, anytime.

Best Core Exercises for Core Strength Training Workouts and Fitness
Strength Training Workouts

A big mistake many people, even trainers, make is to mimic the core routines of bodybuilders or powerlifters. The problem with that is most people are not bodybuilders or powerlifters – and these people tend to overtrain anyway (I know this because I used to do it myself!). The problems here range from a lot of wasted time to serious, long term injuries.

The proper core workout must be designed to provide the most effective exercise training stimulus to the ENTIRE midsection and core, in the shortest amount of time (because we are all very busy people, right?), with minimal risk of injury. The problem is, it is extremely rare to find an ab/core workout routine that fits all of these criteria.

Here is a list of what you should focus on when planning your ideal core workout:

1) A variety of carefully chosen core exercises that provide the ENTIRE midsection and core with the proper stimulus to become lean, defined, flat, strong and solid.

2) A certain number of specific exercises responsible for creating the lines which form ‘the Six Pack’ look AND uncovering that toned core by pushing your metabolism into fat burning mode.

3) Several functional/core moves that create the diagonal muscle ripples along the side ribcage areas.

4) Targeted exercises that zero in on ‘the love handles’ to slim them down if they hold extra fat, or firm them up if you want more sexy muscle definition in the core area.

5) Fast core workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, in a total of 15 to 25 minutes.

6) Core exercises that are appropriate for both men and women.

7) A truly effective core workout should not kill the person doing it. Many trainers, and fitness enthusiasts, do not understand that the word ‘killer’ (as in killer ab routine) is used as a figure of speech which actually means ‘high quality workout that yields amazing results’. No back injuries, no hernias, and no six days worth of soreness.

8) Seek improvements ranging from cosmetic to enhanced performance in regular daily activities, sports and athletics and of course, love making (sexual performance).

9) An assortment of core exercises, combined to create an equal and physiologically necessary, balance on EVERY side of the abs and core to give your body that V-shaped look.

10) Specific exercises, derived from injury rehab programs,which strengthen and tone the deepest layers of the abs & core and most sensitive muscles of the lower back region – to get rid of most common aches and pains and keep you injury free and super-hero strong.

These are the exact principles I follow when training my personal, one-on-one clients AND they are the same principles I follow in my own core strength training workout program. Structure your own core workouts according to the principles outlined above, with the proper selection of core exercises for undeniable results.

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